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believe in a better tomorrow.

we are a content marketing agency.

This world can be a better place only if we as individuals and as businesses inspire others to become better every day.

We believe that with more purpose driven
brands, our society can thrive and grow. We can inspire each other to become better today.

Yet however strong its product and people are, a purpose driven brand must have the attention of the wider world. It must stand out.

This is difficult. Not just difficult; really difficult.

In a noisy world sometimes it’s hard to make yourself visible and different, the human attention is lower than ever and companies are competing against each other for customers attention and loyalty.

The biggest corporations solve this problem very neatly, with enormous marketing budgets and by hiring scores of highly skilled people.

Daunted by the impossibility of competing with those giants, many smaller companies, despite their obvious talent and love for what they do, start competing on price.

Then they see the other new brands selling similar things, and decide to drop their prices even lower. It is a race to the bottom that looks like it’s a race to the top.

Competing on price is not the answer. Nor is attempting to market to everybody. Your goal is to find your customers, to communicate effectively and to make people care about what you do.

We help companies find loyal clients.

Loyal clients help companies spread their message. They are the ones that will stand up for the company, help the company grow and make it profitable.

We find loyal clients with authentic storytelling, and content that adds value to people’s lives.

Our customers are willing to stand out from the crowd. They are talented, they are risk takers; they are people who drive through adversity

We are proud to be here for them, helping them build purposeful brand stories and meaningful content; working together to create a better tomorrow.


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Alexander is a very hard working and focused individual. He brings a good level of business experience to any project that he undertakes and I would be happy to recommend his services.

Since working with Alex we have a clear brand and reason for being in business which has helped us generate and create fantastic business!

We have worked with Alex on & off for the past 4 years on our digital marketing with some very good results.

Alex is always there for you, like an angel.On the creative side he thinks outside the box and has the courage to back up his ideas.I predict he will go far.

Some of the happiest people are those who don't think of their job as a "job" but as a way of doing what they like most. That is why Alexander is probably the best social media marketer!

He loves what he does and therefore always delivers excellent results. If one has any queries regarding social media or digital marketing Alexander is the person to talk to.

Working with IQD is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Highly recommended!

Alexander in four words and not more "gets the job done".

He is a calculated risk taker, pragmatic leader and realist who seems to grasp ideas holistically whilst still taking note to the more acute details.

Alex is a great guy to work with. Endlessly helpful, his savvy and enthusiasm are a gift to work with in all things digital and social media-wise. I highly recommend him and IQD.

They provided us with mind blowing support and the investment we made was worth it. We strongly recommend them, they have the skills and the credibility.

Roy Castleman Founder

Annie Gladwell Business Development Manager

George Zambas Pizza Express

Wayne Lewis Direct Access Barrister at Access Lawyers

Katerina Kastritou Marketing Executve

Bianca Allery CMO at 3CX

Michalis Maimaris Certified Business Trainer | Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

Michael Virardi Speaker. Trainer. Author.

Marcos Komodromos PhD, MBA, MCIPR, Founder at 360 Chartered PR Consultants

Tony Wightman Director at Wellwood Consulting

Sakis Constantinides Operations Director at Royal Crown Insurance


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